Clare Mitchell

Director and Collections Care and Management Consultant

Clare is a collections management specialist with strong experience gained from over 20 years of working within the heritage sector. 

Following a degree in Art and Design History and an MA in Museum Studies, Clare started her career as Registrar at Southampton City Art Gallery where she also became the Exhibitions and Marketing Manager. After 8 years, she moved to become Registrar of Collections and Assistant Curator at the Palace of Westminster where she stayed for a further 8 years. After 2 years as Collections Manager at Hampshire Cultural Trust, Clare knew she had the skills, knowledge and passion to help others with the practicalities and pressures of looking after a collection.

Clare has been able to draw upon her deep insight into the role of museums and galleries, the way they share and give access to their collections and how best to preserve and enhance objects for the future to benefit her many clients and projects.


She is also experienced in collections care and management training, carrying out fine art courier duties both nationally and internationally and undertaking heritage supervision and project management work. All of which require Clare to have collection specific knowledge, an extremely keen eye and attention for detail, and a passion and responsibility for her surroundings during filming, hospitality events and invasive maintenance work involving scaffold builds and strikes.

Selected Clients:

Southampton City Art Gallery, Curator of Art

Art UK, Sculpture Care Trainer

Stanley Spencer Gallery, Collections and Exhibitions Registrar

Alphonse Mucha Foundation, Collections Manager

Palace of Westminster, Lead Heritage Supervisor

Palace of Westminster, Collections Move Consultant

Royal Collection Trust, Collections and Storage Review

Stansted Park, Collections and Archive Condition Survey and Report

Army Museum Ogilby Trust, Army Museums Scoping Project Manager

Slough Museum, Collections Development Manager



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