Mitchell Heritage provides a high quality collections care and management service for corporate, public and private collections.  

With the principal risks to any object being:

  • movement
  • poor environmental conditions and storage
  • minor or major incidents, and
  • sub-standard or lack of knowledge and documentation

We are on hand to offer advice, solutions and practical logistics to help prevent any of these issues from happening and capable of resolutions if they have had their impact already. 


Recognising that every object, work of art, collection and historic interior is unique and requires due care and attention, Mitchell Heritage strives to provide each client a tailored provision to museum quality standards.

This is because we are passionate about safeguarding heritage for the benefit and enjoyment of both present and future generations.



Services include:

  • Complete loans management and exhibition organisation, encompassing loan agreements and schedules, packing and transportation, insurance/indemnity, reproduction requests, provenance information, condition reports and courier responsibilities.
  • Providing advice and working towards acquisition, disposal and Accreditation. 
  • Drafting Collections Development, Care and Conservation Plans and Policies and Documentation Procedural Manuals.
  • An unlimited collections management service which can include documentation reviews, advice on how it can be improved, the set-up of a collection management system, compilation of a full collection catalogue and gathering and inputting key information to help with identification, audit control and insurance.  
  • Ongoing collections cataloguing, including research and the forming of a collection archive.


Services include:

  • Fine art and object courier, acting as an advocate for the collector, museum or artist during all or part of the loan process, including packing, transportation, condition checking and installation/de-installation, to ensure their requirements and wishes are respected by the borrower.

  • Incident management and providing advice in incident prevention planning, the production of an Emergency Plan based on the client’s collection and location and associated training as to how to use it in action.

  • Informative and hands-on training sessions in collections care and management looking at such things as handling, storage and display methods and environmental conditions, documentation and labelling, basic cleaning and damage identification and what to do in an emergency.

  • Heritage supervision during hospitality events, filming, scaffold build and strike, maintenance work and any other forms of intrusive activities being carried out in a heritage environment.


Services include:

  • To provide a full collections review, focussing on such areas as: 
    • improved storage and display solutions
    • objects requiring conservation
    • re-mounting and/or re-framing
    • environmental conditions and how they can be monitored and improved
    • preventative conservation methods and how they can be achieved
    • incident management and prevention
    • documentation requirements and how to gather and maintain such important information
    • object disposal and best practice
  • Due diligence and provenance research to provide a thorough assessment of a work of art. Whether you are looking to purchase, sell, loan or transfer an artwork to a museum or gallery, it is important to establish its history and identify and assess any gaps.
  • Object condition assessments for highlighting conservation priorities and the production of condition reports for loan and acquisition.



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